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I'm creating this simple blog in hopes to share what I've discovered. The discovery that something so simple, when given another angle could be declared art.... And thats what my hipster side would say. (Disclaimer: I am not a hipster in any way.)

But really I just made this to hopefully share with others, what I've created with my 3DS and how fun, creative, and gratifying it really can be. If anything, in the future, I'd like this to be a place others could share what they have created.~

For 3D Photos to work, you need to place them in your DCIM folder. This folder is located on the SD card that came inserted in your 3DS.

Use the link on the bottom of each post to download a .rar file. In this file you will find a folder called 400NIN03 Place this in the DCIM Folder of your SD card, and you should be able to view the photos.


Make sure you do not already have a 400NIN03 folder of you own, or this file could overwrite yours, and delete all photos in it! If you do have a 400NIN03 file, or want to add another file from this site all you have to do is change the first three numbers EX: 401NIN03, 410NIN03, etc. I'm not responsible for any data loss.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Summer is almost here!

Hello there again, and welcome back to Nintendo 3DSart Blog. I've got another batch of 3D photos for you to enjoy on your 3DS.

 I was out for a walk with my 3DS and saw this beautiful tree covered in flowers. I had to get close and snap a 3D photo. 

 Some geese down by the river. I think this is my first animal shot (Other then my dogs) 

 I found out that Dandelions are a very good target for 3D photos. The depth in this one is very nice. 

 This photo includes allot of different layers of depth, and looks great in 3D.

This is one of my favorite photos of the day. the orb that is the Dandelion puff is quite nice to look at in 3D 

 This is a simple photo, Its a picture of a deer track with some grass growing around it. This photo looks great in 3D as well.

 I tried lineig up this shot to make the depth more apparent. I think the effect is nice. 

And yes another Dandelion shot, but I have to say this picture is Beautiful on the 3DS. 

Leave a comment on todays post, and let me know what you thought of the photos. :) 

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Hello ?

Hey just curious if there is still any interest in the continuation of this blog? If so leave me a comment on this post, Or subscribe using the tools on the upper right side of the blog. Regardless of response, i'll try to post some new pictures soon. 

As always, I thank you for your time.
Eric <3

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Top picks from my 3DS

Hey there Eric here bringing you some more 3D photos. These are my favorites that are on my system. I hope you enjoy them.

 I love how this photo pops, but does not seem to hurt the eyes.

 This is a shot of the sun through a screen door, I really like this one.

 This is a drain pipe, if you look hard enough my friends face is on the other side :3

 Here is my big puppy enjoying the stream on a warm spring day <3

This photo is not very impressive in 2D, but its one of my favorites on my systems. its very simple and elegant.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

At the playground with some friends

Hey there, I'd like to apologize for the large break. Things are bit hectic at the moment, but enough of that lets get to the 3D photos! So I wen't to the park with some friends. Even though only one of them made it into the pictures lol. Here are my top 5 shots from the visit :)

 This is a picture looking upward at a very massive tree. The textures and distance as the tree gets farther have very nice look in 3D

 This is a picture of a slide the spirals down, again I tried using perspective to my advantage. I enjoy how this looks in 3D

 There's is not much to this 3D photo but i liked the way it looks. Also say HI! to my friend :3

 I had to take this photo blind, but I love how it turned out. This may or may not be a little harsh on the eyes but it was overall one of my favorites of the night. 

And trying to express my artistic side, showing that social play is no longer a traverse of communication to our youth, the lonely swing set remains unused. Naw I'm just kidding. I like this photo, its simple yet effective in 3D

Click here to download the above pictures, to view them on your 3DS 
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Monday, April 4, 2011

Busy busy bee

Hello there, I'm making this post to apologize for not posting on this blog daily. Form my information there is still some people viewing this blog. I'd like to ask you a favor. If you read this, please leave me a comment on one of the blog posts. This way I know for sure I have people visiting.

I've been a bit busy with things in my life, and all I would need to continue daily work on this blog, is some motivation. If I have even one reader that would be enough for me.

Thanks, sincerely.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Day at the park.

So it was a beautifully sunny evening in Wisconsin, so  a friend and myself went to one of our local park trails to enjoy the nice weather, and take some 3D photos ;) Again I found myself with so many photos that I could not fit them all into one post. So here is my top eight.

This photo may not look like much at all, but over all its one of my favorites from the trip. Those leaves you see hanging there have a presence all there own. 

  This was actually the first picture i took on the trip. I tried to add many elements and differences in depth for this one. 

  A close up of the water. I like how the rock to the lower right sorta pops out and is on a different level then the water. It gives it a good 3D feel

This one makes me smile :) This is a picture of my friend pointing off into the unknown future! You can't tell much from this 2D image but this photo is great in 3D.

  This photo does not look so great in 2D but its one of my favorites. In 3D the rays of the sun are there, like you can touch them. It has a nice warm colorful feel. 

This photo turned out way better then I thought it would. I really like how this one looks in 3D the paw prints really uh... pop into the earth.. 

My friend took this one. In 3D the feel of depth and realism is fantastic. The moss on the log almost looks fuzzy (as it should) and its just a nice picture to view in 3D.

Another one of my favorites. I like how picturesque this photo is. It gives my that natural beauty vibe, that looks quite well on a 3DS.

Click here to download the above pictures, to view them on your 3DS

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Taking the beagle for a walk :)

Sorry for the delay in post (Not that anyone reads this blog, yet) but anyway... I took my lovely beagle for a walk yesterday, and snapped some pretty good 3D photos... I took tons of pictures on this walk, but lets see if I can narrow it down some. (use the link at the bottom to download all these pictures in a .rar file. This file contains a folder that you need to place in your DCIM folder. please read instructions and warning at the top of the blog)

 This picture is one of my favorites! I really like how you can tell the depth of the leash. You almost get the feel your there walking my dog, when you look at this 3D photo.

This picture is really simple, and I think that's why I like it so much. You get a really good sense of the fence's placement, and how its distance becomes apparent the farther down you look.

  The tunnel effect is what I was going for with this picture, and I feel my shadow there brings a bit more of a realistic effect to the photo in 3D.

Another simple photo, in 3D the branches seem to take on an existence of there own.

These next three photos can have pretty much the same thing said about them, so I'll just sum them up all together. I really like these photos along with the very first one of this blog post, If you look at any of them on your 3DS I would hope you'd take a look at those four. The sense of depth, and the realistic effect each of these gives off is why there my favorites. I tried to use perspective in a way that you could really feel like your there, or you could truly imagine these pictures in the real world.

Click here to download the above pictures, to view them on your 3DS

Thanks for the time, I hope you enjoyed these. :)